Six Spanish lady cats need help

cats - cleo 3legs 4There are six of them, all brought back from Spain and these are cats whose lives have been in turmoil for a long time.  It was wonderful that they were rescued and brought to the U.K. but then their owner passed away and no one else in the family could care for them on a permanent basis.   A family member did her best and made the great effort of keeping them together but this was in temporary accommodation only.   When she asked us if we would take them in, we agreed but six cats is a lot to accommodate all at once.   We had to have them brought in two at a time as we were nearly full already.   The last of the cats came at the weekend and were glad to join the rest of the group, we are helping them all to settle in.

Because their has been so much upheaval in their life they have become stressed and some of them are very timid.  The one shown above is Cleo, she has only three legs but manages to get about just fine.  She is the most confident of the group and likes to be cuddled.  She snuggles in to you when you pick her up.  Cleo is a lovely cat, jet black, dainty and pretty.  The hair loss on her face will be temporary, we have de-fleaed her and all of them.  We’ve also wormed them and treated them for earmites.

We’re being patient with our ‘spanish ladies’ and they are gradually becoming more friendly.  They’ve been used to being indoors so now they have a room with an outside run they are happy and have been sitting out sunbathing today.   We’ll be taking them for a vet check next week and then we hope to start the process of finding them new homes.   Two of the older ones will stay together but the younger cats might like individual attention best.   Personality assessment is ongoing and then we’ll be able to match them with prospective adopters.

If you are interested in adopting these Spanish Ladies or would just like to come and meet them please get in touch.   They can all be sponsored until they get new homes and we’ll send you a photo, details and updates.   A donation to help with their care would be much appreciated.  If you speak Spanish that would be great – Buenos Dias Cleo!

cats - cleo 3legs 5

cats - spanish

cats - spanish 3

Not ready to come out yet!