Sanctuary News 18th September

There has been a lot happening at the Animal Sanctuary as work continues on updating our facilities and September has been a busy month for wildlife rescues and orphaned kittens. Thanks to everyone who has brought in birds and baby hedgehogs. We’ve had a lot of severely ill and injured cats brought in too who have needed our efforts to pull them through. One of our most desperate cases were a group of kittens found in a bucket.

They were brought in recently that were close to death. They were found in a water bucket in a filthy state and starving. Mum was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately they were rushed to the Pet Samaritans and saved just in time. Operation bucket kitten sprung into action and after a warm bath to remove the mud and rehydration, we are happy to report the kittens perked up and were able to eat. They are doing well and we are amazed at how strong their will to survive is. They truly are mini miracles.

Timmy our resident sanctuary cat is pleased with all the progress at the Sanctuary. He’s always happy to pose for a photo opportunity. He loves a fuss, so if you see him wandering about, he appreciates a chat.

Puddle duck ranch is up and running and all the ducks are getting along swimmingly. The little ducks rule the roost but they are happy to share with the big ones. Our wild duck who has been with us from a chick, decided to fly off and leave the group. We were sad to see her go but happy that she has returned to the wild.

We are please to welcome some new arrivals to the sanctuary. Say hello to two cute guinea pigs that came in for rehoming. They are beautiful and really tame.

We are happy to report the mother hedgehog and babies made a full recovery and are doing well. Thanks to the gentleman who brought them in and saved their lives. They would have died without his assistance. We still have a lot of work to do this year and our campaigns go on, the abandoned animals come in every day. It’s wonderful to be able to make a difference though and we can only do this with your help. Many, many thanks for all your kindness and support. There are a lot of animals in this little corner of the world who are have only been saved because of your help. We are always in need of cat pouches, cat litter, hedgehog food, bird food, duck food, blankets and funds for veterinary supplies.