Bath Time for little ponies

It was a lovely sunny day at the Sanctuary and bath time got underway for our herd of miniature ponies. Looking after all the little ones takes a lot of work. Most of them have various health problems and will have to stay with us for life – you might remember Sundance who had to have an operation to remove a tumour, we are happy to report he is doing well. Along with trimming hooves and checking teeth, their coats get ever so dirty and their tails seem to grow at an alarming rate. So a good wash and brush up was long overdue. They seem to love all the attention and charge into the stables – we don’t even need head collars to get them in, just rattle a bucket and off they go.

Looking after horses and ponies is a big financial commitment for the Sanctuary. We always struggle to meet demand and sometimes have to turn away ponies with health problems because we just don’t have the resources available to help. You can make a difference by sponsoring one of the ponies. By sponsoring a pony, it will mean we can help more little ones just like Sundance and Daydream to live and be cared for at the sanctuary.