Rescued cat is lucky to be alive

cats - lucky 10

Re- homed – thank you so much.   This young cat was brought in a couple of days ago and has already used up some of her nine lives.   First of all she was about to drowned, together with her brother, by her owner who didn’t want them.   A kind lady who heard about this rescued both cats minutes before they were due to die.  As she was rushing away with them, the boycat escaped and in terror ran across the road.   He was killed by a passing car right in front of his sister.

When the remaining cat was taken to safety a dog began to attack her.  It was obvious right away that keeping her anywhere near a dog wasn’t going to work.   By now the cat was totally traumatised, although glad to be alive.  She was brought in to us, shivering with fright.   We’ve called her Lucky (!) and in spite of her ordeal she is a gentle young cat who is well behaved and good natured.  Holding her is giving her some reassurance and a cat igloo to hide in and a fish breakfast this morning are helping her to recover.

She just needs time and comforting and she will recover.   We think she’s about a year old. When she’s been vaccinated and had a health check we’ll be looking for a new home for her.

Lucky is well marked and pretty, she is clean and although a bit shy now, she loves fuss and responds to kindness.  If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

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cats - lucky 10