Prettiest kittens ever

It was a harsh winter and at first it seemed as though there wouldn’t be as many kittens born as usual.   That’s all changed recently, we’ve taken a lot of abandoned cats in and kittens have been arriving one litter after another.    All kittens are beautiful, amazing little creatures but some of this year’s are really stunning.   We have some super-striped tabbies, one or two white ones with a few splodges, a few striking black and white Felix lookalikes, several calicos and smudgy blue greys, a few lucky jet blacks and one or two tortieshells.   They are little sweeties and so far we are managing to keep them well handled.  If they arrive when they are older and haven’t been fussed we have to tame the little tigers.

This is Tomkin, he’s with his brother Todd in the pic above.  Where is Twiggy?   She likes to sleep squashed in between them


Here she is sitting with a friend who is a bit older.   Dolly is a calico kitten who was in one of the first litters born this year.   She was tiny and frail and took a while to get going.   She has joined the tinies and will go for her vaccination along with them as she is only marginally bigger, even now.   She is becoming very adventurous though and has just  learned to climb.

I like it up here on the climbing frame but how do I get down?

It’s a long way and I’m a bit scared.

No problem, I’ve found the ladder!    Todd, Tomkin, Twiggy and also Dolly will be ready for visitors from next week – super homes wanted for these personality plus babies.

With so many mums and kittens to feed (another two lots of new borns and two pregnant ladies brought in) we urgently need kitten food.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Many thanks for all your kindness, the cats and kittens would have a terrible fate if we couldn’t take them in.   [donate]