Prettiest kittens ever?

Re-homed – many thanks – All kittens are pretty but our latest rescued tiny tots are little stunners.   They are all different shapes and sizes but the one thing they have in common is their sweet faces and lovely personalities.   This little girl is called Majolica, she is a calico and beautifully marked with rich red, black and white colouring.  Her eyes are something special with a ‘looking deep into your soul’ expression.   She’s probably just thinking about when the next pouch is coming!

Majolica is a placid little girl and has just had her first vaccination and is fully litter trained.

Just look at those markings, she has the loveliest of colours.

If you’d like to come and meet Majolica please get in touch.

JASON – this little boy kitten has the most magnificent fluffy coat, he’s not exactly persian but his fur is lovely and soft and feels like a shaggy fleece.   He is a mixture of colours ranging from brown to smokey grey so he is especially handsome.  With amber eyes and a sweet nature, he is set to grow up into a stunning feline friend.  Jason is a real ‘chocolate box’ kitten.    Like the other kits he has had his first vaccination and health check and is fully litter trained.

Jason is a bit smaller than the other kits so is perhaps a little younger.

FLASHMAN – could be a bit older than the rest, he is a bold and beautiful kitten, very playful and the first to explore somewhere new.   He is very well marked with red tabby stripes and a pristine white bib.

Flash has had his first vaccination and health check and is fully litter trained.

He likes balls of screwed up silver paper, leaves, feathers, dangling pieces of string and a regular supply of kitten pouches.   All our kittens like to play and socialize with their friends and need a lot of companionship if they are going to be ‘an only child’.