Poppy is a cat who likes freedom

cats - poppy 20 Poppy came to stay with us a couple of years ago.  She was a house cat who didn’t behave herself – she was a lovely feline friend but not clean and her habit of spraying in and around the house was hard to cope with.  Who knows why cats spray?  Male cats do it to mark territory but that shouldn’t be the case with the girl cats.  Poppy had a wonderful home with lots of love and affection and no stress whatsoever.  Still she would spray – on the beds, the furniture and all over the place.

When she first came to stay she was just the same.   Although she appeared to settle well and get on with everyone, she would spray in the most unlikely places.  Watching out for where Poppy had been became a routine!   At first she had to be kept indoors so that she could familiarize herself with her surroundings.   We put butter on her paws, which is an old fashioned (but effective) thing to do with a new cat.  She didn’t like living in a cat pen, some cats love the heated pad and the regular meals but Poppy was indifferent – she wanted to explore.

Eventually she went in to Barn living, where she had hay to sit on and made friends with the ponies and goats.  The spraying gradually become less of a problem.  When the doors were open we let her have a wander out, making sure to get her back in for tea.  It became a routine and Poppy loves it.  She can go wherever she likes now, the goat shed is her favourite place and she sometimes has a trek down the fields to do some hunting in the hedgebottoms.  Does she still spray?   If she does, she don’t see any signs of it.  The best things in life are wild and free and this is a what suits Poppy  she is a great hunter.   Poppy soon turns in to a pet cat again when she’s picked up for a cuddle or it’s time for supper and bed.

cats - poppy 21A beautiful girl.