Pair of delightful Degus for adoption

daygus - silver & pearl 3 - 1

They are sisters and very pretty, these Degus have been well handled and come complete with their own extra large cage.   Degus need metal housing because they are adept at chewing and would go through a wooden hutch eventually.

They are smudgy grey colours, we’ve called them Silver and Pearl.  Degus originate in Chile, South America and like warm weather, they need a tub of sand or soil so they can burrow.  In their natural habitat their den would be underground.   They’re about guinea pig size and live to be eight or nine years old.

Feeding them is easy, vegetables, dandelions, grasses, nuts, seeds and the main part of they diet should be hay.  Keep away from anything sweet because surprisingly, degus are prone to diabetes.  No fruit and honey sticks!  Degus are used in research (poor things) into human diabetes.

Degus are sociable creatures and live in groups although they don’t usually tolerate a stranger being introduced.  They like lots of beaches and twigs in their den, so they have something to nibble on.  They are easy to tame, inquisitive and come readily for food.

Silver and Pearl come with  a complete set up and all their toys and belongings.   The large cage would be very expensive to buy and a donation is much appreciated.

We’re open every day from 11.0am to 3.0pm and you are welcome to come and meet the degus..   If you can let us know when you’re calling round that is helpful – it’s always busy here.  Please press the bell on Reception (blue portacabin on right)  on arrival.

daygus - silver & pearl - 1

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