New patients arrive at the Wildlife Rescue

Pictured below are some of the young birds and poorly patients that have arrived over the last couple of days. These birds will be with us some time while they recover and gain enough strength to be released back into the wild. They will stay with us until they can look after themselves which could take several months. Thanks for all the support and donations that help us to care for our longer term wildlife. We are so busy and have been getting calls from across the country and referrals from wildlife trusts and vets. We couldn’t do this with out your kindess.

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If you are worried about a bird or indeed any wildlife, give us a call on 01246 45777 or 07872 421878. When you contact us we ask several questions to determine whether the bird needs to come to us or not. If the bird is not injured, the parents are still around feeding it and there is no immediate danger will advise you leave it where it is, keep an eye on it and call us again if the situation changes. However, if we are worried in any way will will make you an appointment to bring the bird to us at our next available time slot.

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