Bridget Goose Rescued from Under a Bridge

Bridget was found lying flat out under a local bridge by one of our team on their way to the sanctuary yesterday. We’ve checked her over and there don’t seem to be any obvious injuries. Just a few mangled feathers. She was extremely thirsty though so we assume she’d been off her feet for while. Concussion maybe? It was so warm yesterday that dehydration would have set in pretty quickly. Or perhaps news travels across the wildlife grapevine that our Wildlife Sanctuary is cosy living. Let’s hope she doesn’t tell all her friends or we are going to need a much bigger pond!

We’ll keep an eye on her for a couple of days but for now things are looking good. She’s such a beautiful girl.

Bridget, Polly Pocket and Rocky Rocket enjoying time together on the duck pond today. Polly and Rocky are getting their adult feathers through and looking very grown up.