Mrs. Puss is a lap cat

cats - pusscatmrs 3We’ve found a wonderful home with an elderly gentleman for Mrs. Pusscat, she is the perfect companion and both are very happy.  Thank you.   Mrs. Pusscat came in when her owner passed away.  No one in the family could have her and we give priority for pets who have been bereaved.  It’s quite an upheaval to be uprooted and lose everyone and everything you are used to but Mrs. Pusscat has adapted well and settled already.  She is a lovely cat with limpid green eyes, semi-long haired and  very pretty, gentle and affectionate.   She wants to sit on your lap and be fussed and is never happier than when you are giving her a cuddle.

She has an exceptionally soft and silky coat and it’s soothing to stroke her!   Pusscat is a small girl with short legs, she’s dainty and a bit thin at present.  She has a good appetite and will soon fatten up though.  She’s clean and well behaved, no trouble at all and a pleasure to care for.   If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch, a very good loving home is wanted for this sweet natured cat.   We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.  Please ring the bell on our Reception when you arrive (blue wooden cabin on right in top yard).

cats - Pusscatmrs

cats - pusscatmrs 2