Mr. Tom a character cat who needs a home

cats - mrtom 7

With one ear up and the other down, Mr. Tom looks a real character.  It’s not roguish or naughty though, he has a lovely personality and is as good and gentle as can be.  No, he isn’t a proper ‘tom’ either – he’s neutered and vaccinated too.  Mr. Tom was brought in when his owner had to go away suddenly, the cat was left all alone in the house.   Mr. Tom is middle aged and is sedate and used to a laid back lifestyle.

He likes fuss and to sit on your knee, some tasty meals, pouches and a few biscuits hit the spot.  Mr. Tom isn’t used to going out much, he’s accustomed to home comforts.   If you’d like an easy to care for and friendly companion, this is the cat for you.  He’s had a health check from the vet also.  If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.  We’re open for adoption viewing between 11.0 and 3.0pm.

Oh, what happened to his ear?  An attack when he was a youngster we were told – although the ear was saved the damage was permanent.  It doesn’t bother him at all..

cats - mrtom 6

cats - mrtom