We’ve had strays come in nearly every day recently.  We have just sorted one out then another trauma case has turned up.    A few nights ago (when it was a hard frost) we had a young dog brought in late evening and almost frozen, the poor thing had been tied up under a bridge.  If a passerby hadn’t spotted him, he’d have been there all night and most likely died.   He’s thin but recovering well, he’ll make a grand dog when he pulls round.   Who tied him up there?    I doubt we’ll ever know.

A lovely puppy brought in as a stray still hasn’t been claimed.   Did someone get fed up with him?   We don’t know why because he’s a lovely intelligent chap – and so fussy!

Has anyone lost a Patterdale?    We’ve had one brought in and hasn’t been claimed so far.

A Jack Russell came in today in a very bad way, she’s been knocked down by a car and badly injured, a big wound and lots of stitches.   The vet thinks she will pull through but it will be a long haul.  She’s getting antibiotics, pain killers and lots of t.l.c.  but she’s in shock and very sorry for herself.    This sweet little dog looks as though she’s been well cared for and we’re hoping she will be claimed.

Another Jack Russell stray in tonight and she’s lovely.   She was rescued by a lady in her mid eighties who got in touch with us.   If you are missing your J.R. best friend please get in touch.

A frightened collie x  – also came in as a stray this week, she’s very thin and cringes when anyone goes near, in fact this dog is completely terrified of humans.   Getting her confidence will be a gradual process.   She’s only young and very sweet looking apart from the fear in her eyes.   What’s happened to her?    Why is she so thin?   We’d like to know.

If you can help us with our rescues we’d be very grateful.   Caring for these dogs is a huge financial burden, it often takes months to get them right and we never put any healthy dog to sleep.  Pet food and blankets are always needed and even a small donation will be a tremendous help.  [donate]