Mini rabbit with lovely colour and sweet nature

rabbits - fudge 5 - 1 (1)We’ve rehomed her to a loving family, thank you.  Bindy is a beautiful little rabbit, very pretty with a beige slightly fluffy coat – stroking her is quite addictive.  She’s a mini lop so although she is tiny, she is fully grown.

Rabbits stay tame if you hand feed them and give them lots of fuss, they need to be handled every day.  Bindi likes natural food, twigs, grass, dandelions – everything offered needs to be free from contaminants and pollution – don’t pick from roadsides or you’re giving petrol and diesel traces.  Make sure any twigs and branches are from trees and shrubs that are suitable and not poisonous.

Hay is the main food for rabbits and make sure it’s sweet smelling and not dusty.  Eating hay keeps the teeth worn down.  A little bit of cereal is fine but not too much as it’s not a natural food.  Our rabbits like a carrot occasionally, a sliver of apple now and then and broccoli stalks are a favourite.

If you’d like to come and meet Bindi please get in touch.  Bear in mind that rabbits like a friend and she would need a companion so long as they get on well together.  All hutches and runs need to be predator proof.  Foxes are especially hungry at this time of year as they will shortly have cubs to rear.

rabbits - fudge 5 - 1


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