Mimi is looking for a new home

It was a very sad day for Mimi’s elderly owner when he had to give her up because of his ill health.   He was reassured though by knowing that Mimi would be safe and happy with us and that we would do our best to find her a new loving home.

Mimi is an exceptionally beautiful young lady (she’s aged 3 years) and is a semi-long haired tortieshell with lovely markings.   Her eyes are golden and limpid, her white bib and legs are pristine.   As well as good looks Mimi has a gentle and loving personality.   She is placid but a little timid at the moment.  It must feel so strange for a cat to change home but she is settling well and loves being picked up and fussed.

Mimi is very goodnatured and has already made a friend with Cilla, who is one of our other permanent residents.    Mimi’s coat is a bit longer than usual and is in good condition, she looks after herself very well.   All long haired cats need regular brushing though.  Mimi is fully vaccinated and has been spayed.

Mimi is available for adoption and we are looking for a very special home for this lovely young lady.   We think that somewhere quiet and calm with lots of love and attention would suit her.    If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.