Tame ducks for adoption

birds - ducks 3

While most of our residents are hunkering down and keeping out of the rain, these beautiful ducks are loving it!  There are two of them, callled William and Harry, so a princely duo.  They’ve been brought in today because their owner no longer has the space for them.  They are mallards and well grown and in excellent condition.

William and Harry are not wild birds and have been reared in captivity – they are very tame and can be picked up and handled.  They would stand no chance in the wild.  Ducks respond well to humans and recognise and become affectionate with their carers.   If you can give these two fellas a safe home please get in touch.  Safe is the important word – their pen would have to be very secure from predators, foxes and dogs.   They need a hut to go in at night and water is essential – a man made pond which must be kept clean or running water or a pond is best of all.

birds - ducks 2

Aren’t they beautiful…