Re-homed with a lovely new family – thanks folks – He came in as a stray kitten, now lovable Lawson is all grown up and ready to go to a new home.   Lawson is the most handsome chap ever, he’s big and beautiful and very, very friendly.  Is he a Norwegian Forest cat?   I like to think so, he looks just the same and has the same traits and personality – he follows us round just like a dog.   Lawson likes nothing better than to be picked up and fussed, he loves to sit on your knee and he is very sociable – what are you doing?   where are you going?   can I come?   Is that a pouch? Yes, he adores food, he has a big frame to fill and hasn’t stopped growing yet.    This is a large cat!    Of course, like most cats, no matter how big, he likes to squash himself into tiny boxes, as you can see in the pic.   He’s quite a poseur and is very laid back.    Lawson is around a year old now and has been neutered and vaccinated.  He is litter trained and although he is quite a couch potato, he likes a stroll out for sunbathing, chasing leaves and stalking in the long grass –  he wouldn’t be at all suited to being a house cat.   So we have to find a home for him that is safe from cars.   I don’t think any cat has road sense these days, there are just too many fast moving vehicles around.    If you think you have the right environment and would consider letting personality-plus Lawson adopt you, please get in touch.   He’d love to meet you.