Little Pigs Safe With Us

pigs - pinky

Most pigs in the UK have a terrible life.  Few are free range and even when they are it is usually a bare paddock with electric fencing round it.  It ‘s a short life for most of them – between 20 to 26 weeks before they are slaughtered.  These are intelligent creatures and very similar in their make up to humans.   This is why they are used for testing, with the justification that we can benefit.  Would you want to if it meant such terrible suffering?

But these two little ones are safe with us and will have a natural life as good as we can make it.  They will never end up enduring the horrors of the abbattoir and finishing up on someone’s plate. They were brought in because their owner couldn’t care for them any more and was afraid they’d go for slaughter if they were sold.   They’ve settled down right away and love the freedom and the food!  Yes, will eat most anything.  They like rooting about and we have plenty of grass, roots and plants in their pig paddock.

The light coloured one is Pinky and his sister is Perky.   They are both friendly and have charming personalities.  Pigs like to stand and chat, they are very good companions and these two are no exception.

We need outer gates for the gap outside their paddock – can anyone help?  A donation of £300 would do it or if you have a couple of spare gates and can fix them? …….help much appreciated

pigs - pinky 3

pigs - peppa

pigs - peppa & perky