Just when you think you’ve heard it all – there’s always some more animal cruelty to make us gulp!   This little kitten is lucky to be alive.  He was found at the bottom of a refuse disposal chute in a block of flats.‘Lucky’ (no other name for a black kitten who has had a near escape from death!) was trying to claw his way out of a pile of rubbish when a passerby, who was walking his dogs, heard his frantic cries.   Another load of rubbish tipped on top of him and it would have been all over.  If he hadn’t been found he would have been carted off with the refuse.

Our thanks to the kind people who found him and brought him in to us – Lucky was thin, starving hungry and very frightened.   He’s doing well though now – kitten pouches, warm goat’s milk and lots of t.l.c. and cuddles do the trick.

Has he been vaccinated?   We don’t know, it doesn’t seem likely, so we’ll take him to the vet this coming week.   Lucky is a very handsome kitten, jet black, a bit fluffy and with beautiful round eyes.   He has a lovely personality too and is very friendly.

If you’d like to come and meet him please call or for more information email or phone.    Now all Lucky wants is a new home and people to train – pouches, fleece, toys, play, cardboard boxes, cuddles – pleeeze!