Illness and Bereavements – We are here to help

The Pet Samaritans provides emergency pet rescue services across the UK and we give priority support for owners with terminal illnesses or bereavements were pets have been left without support. We provide a permanent loving home at our animal sanctuary and offer lifetime care. Without your kind help and donations, we couldn’t continue to offer this essential service.

Life is unexpected and ensuring your pets are safe should the worse happen is something to think about. If you are worried about what would happen to your pets if you weren’t able to care for them anymore, get in touch and ask about our Emergency Pet Rescue service.

Emergency Pet Rescue for Terminally Ill Owners and Bereavements

Max and Toby are just one of the many cases we have helped with over the years.  They came into the sanctuary after their owners could no longer look after them due to debilitating illness of dementia. We stepped in to help and they came to live at the Animal Sanctuary. They have become part of our ever growing animal family and are very popular with our volunteer dog walkers. They love going for long walks, fetching balls and being fussed over. In their new life with us, they provide an essential opportunity for people who aren’t able or fortunate enough to have a pet in their life, the chance to experience the joys of pets ownership so many of us enjoy.

Emergency Pet Rescue dogs at the sanctuary

Max and toby