Hay time for the Animals

The minature ponies (bibby, grace, sundance, dorrit, bridget the midget, pixie, day dream and chloe) and sheep are making the most of the winter months with lots of fresh hay. We are not sure if the sheep think they are minature ponies or the minature ponies think they are sheep, as they all love each other and graze together as one big herd. Looking after all the rescued and permanent farm residents at the Sanctuary is no small task during winter. A big thanks to the local farmers who put hay out for us – without your tractors we couldn’t do it.

mini ponies at the animal sanctuary

Running costs are especially high during winter as we supplement grazing with feed and hay. A big round bale of hay costs £25 and we get through 4 bales every two weeks. If you would like to make a donation of food to the horses, sheep or goats, they would be ever so grateful. A big thankyou from Starlight below.

Sheep Picture