Help feed Danniboy

Danniboy loves food and he’s always ready for another armful of hay.   Although he’s only 13hands high (a hand is 4inches and is the way we measure horses) he is a chunky fella with a big frame to fill up.   When we rescued Danniboy ten years ago, he was like a skeleton pony with his skin stretched tightly over his bones.   He spent his life tied to a lorry and only undone when he was put in a cart and whipped to go faster.   It took Danniboy a long time to recover and at first he wouldn’t go out, he was afraid of freedom.   We still have Sparky, his feline friend, who came in at the same time.  Sparky had an injured foot and couldn’t walk very far, he spent his days keeping Danniboy company in the stable.   When Sparky’s injury healed and he ventured down the fields, Danniboy went with him and that was the start of his recovery.   Sparky is now one of our ‘golden oldie’ cats and a bit frail but he still makes a fuss of his old friend when they see each other.

Our ponies get through a lot of hay each week, horses eat all the time, they are grazers and a constant input of food is how their digestion works.  Danniboy easily gets through a couple of bales of hay a week on his own and this is supplement by meals of pony cubes, oats, bran, alfafa, cod liver oil and vitamins and all the good things he needs.  All our horses and ponies are fed daily at this time of year, although they still go out to graze there is little food value in the grass until Spring comes again.  It would be a tremendous relief to have help to feed them – the price of hay is £4.50 a bale at present, it’s sure to go up as the winter progresses.

If you’d like to help feed Danniboy and all the other ponies we can send you a standing order form if you let us have your name and address.   A small regular donation would be a tremendous help.  Or could you buy a bale of hay online from our shop – the ponies will love your for it!

If you’d like to adopt one of our ponies or horses please let us know – we’ll send you a picture of ‘your’ pony plus his or her story and regular updates.    It makes a great gift for Christmas.   £15.00 per year or £2.00 per month standing order.  Many thanks.

Sundance – chestnut miniature gelding – sweet affectionate nature

Chester – tiny red and white stallion pony – a ‘golden oldie’ at over 20 years – very intelligent and good natured

Crystal – a 13hands palomino mare – 24 years and very gentle and loving.  Crystal suffered a horrific attack six years ago when she was hit over the head with an iron bar, she lost an eye and was very poorly for a long time.   She is a brave girl though and has made a great recovery.   Her attacker was never caught.

Daydream – Only 34inches tall and a mini-marvel!   Daydream was born at the sanctuary and is inseparable from her mother, Ruby.   Both have exceptionally sweet and gentle natures.

Ruby – is very protective and is never far from her daughter even though she is grown up.   Ruby is a deep red chestnut and about the same size, 34 inches.

Bridget – is a new arrival and the ‘baby’ of the pony herd.  She is eight months old and came in because she is slightly disabled.   Bridget is having remedial work done on her hooves which we hope will help with her leg problems.  She is a little sweetie and has settled well.  Sundance is her best friend.

Which one will you choose?    We have many rescued horses and ponies – if you’d like to adopt one of the above named please get in touch and we’ll send the adoption form out – or pick one up from the shop.  Many thanks.