Have you lost a ferret?

Some kind Pet Samaritans recently brought a ferret they had found wondering around on a building site to the animal sanctuary. It looks like it might have been someones pet as it is seems to be well handled. Ferrets usually do not survive long outside because of outside dangers, so it is most fortunate it was spotted and brought to us.

If you have lost a ferret recently in the chesterfield area, please get in touch via email or give us a call on 07432 071122.

Lost Ferret Poster

Here are a few tips for finding a ferret that has escaped.

A tired, hungry ferret will be looking for home, so leave their pen open if possible with food and water. A carrier with food in could be placed in your garden or at areas where you think the ferret might have escaped. If you have other ferrets, the smell of a mate can lead a lost ferret home. Post on social media as it is a great way to reach people that might have seen your lost pet.  You can also try local rescue centres and animal sanctuaries to see if one has been brought in. Don’t forget local post offices and shops are great for lost ferret posters and offering a reward always helps.