cats - tinkerbell mortThis is a favourite photo of our lovely Tinkerbell.   She was a small, neat little cat who’d been in the sanctuary for most of her life.  She had a carefree and happy life up until a few weeks ago when she developed a problem with her mouth.   Tinkerbell was a very good natured cat and never scratched or bit and always pleased to see you – she was very affectionate.

She’d recently lost weight and strangely the colour of her coat changed. Her beautiful and distinctive stripes became dark and blurred.

We took her to the vet and were told that she had an abcess on a back tooth – or was it something else? Tinkerbell was eating well, whatever it was didn’t seem to hurt her but there was something worrying about her appearance.

Tinks was as loving as ever, the vet gave her a long acting antibiotic and said to bring her back in two weeks. We were warned that it could go two ways – either the medication would work and she’d improve – or – it was a tumour and the prognosis would not be good.

We took her back this week – holding our breath and praying for a good outcome. Sadly it was not to be. It was cancer and if we didn’t let her go she would start to suffer.

It’s so sad to bring an empty basket back – there was nothing could be done for our little friend and we held her close as she was eased off into her next life. She’d been with us for over 14 years, now she’s planted with a rose bush in our memorial area.  Sleep well sweet and good girl Tinkerbell, we’ll always remember you …….xxxxx