Pugwash the lonely pig

Thank you for giving Pugwash a great new home!   A good home with new friends wanted – Pugwash was saved from the pork pie fate that is the ending for most pigs.  He is one of the rare and lucky ones who is out of the food chain, most pigs in the UK have a miserable life and a terrible end to it.  The pre-packed meat you see in the supermarkets is bought at the cost of real suffering.   If you eat meat please make sure it is at least free range, pigs need fresh air and freedom, they are clean, sensitive and intelligent animals who naturally live in woodlands.

Pugwash is a Kuni Kuni pig, this is a breed that originated in New Zealand.   They are small in size (but not miniatures), and are about as big as a medium sized dog.  Kuni’s are good natured animals and are known to be docile.   Pugwash certainly is, he is an affectionate chap, house trained and comes to call.  He likes to have his back rubbed and if you scratch behind his ears he is blissful.   Like all pigs, he loves food and as well as his mash, which is bought in pig food mixed with water, he loves scraps, especially vegetables.

Pigs need a shed or an ark filled with straw and an outdoor run or access to fields or woodland.   They get on well with most other animals and mostly just ignore them while they go about the important business of the day – finding food!    They are great gardeners and will dig out every weed and make your patch ready for planting.

Pugwash is lonely though and we are trying to find him a home where he will have a lot more companionship and other pigs.    If anyone can offer him a home please get in touch.   Bear in mind that you need a holding number before you can keep pigs – this isn’t difficult to get – but there is a certain amount of procedure and paperwork involved.    Our phone no is:  01246 455777 or please email on the contact page.