All our resident seniors are doing well and enjoying life.  We call them our ‘golden oldies’ and it’s surprising how well they and how long they go on.  We like to think it’s because they have such a good life, pottering about when they feel like it, so they are getting as much exercise as they can cope with. Jack Spratt, shown above, can’t do much  because of his disabilities but he does like to wander about on soft ground and see if he can find something to chase – he can speed up when he wants to!

Daisy has heart problems and is frail, she was a good age already when she was brought in -her owner has passed away.  Daisy loves her meals and likes a gentle walk so long as the weather is fine, she likes to be cosy and back to home comforts  at the first sign of rain.

Miss Nolene is doing well and is as feisty as ever.  She’s a survivor and had to have a massive and complex operation shortly after she came in.  Nolene was paralysed but then made a miraculous recovery after surgery.   She is good with her friends and a hopeless cross-patch with people she doesn’t know.  She loves Jack to bits and frets if they are separated for any reason.

Cristo is a fragile little Chines Crested who is adorable.  He was in a terrible state when he first came in and it took months to get him right, he was emaciated and terribly neglected.  He’s like a little pudding now, plump and soft and loving, he never wants to leave us, he’s a real sweetie and curls up in the baskets with the cats.   He does have heart problems so we make sure he has a quiet life and he’s fine with that.

When pets are brought in who are not suitable for re-homing they can stay here for the rest of their life – any help you can give us  towards their care is much appreciated.   More wagging tales from our many other golden oldies’ coming soon …..




Miss Nolene


Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Nolene