Georgie Lost Cockatiel Dronfield Reward Offered

Have you seen this cockatiel? His owner sent in these lovely pictures in the hope somebody might recognise him.

Georgie is 12yrs old. He went missing on 23rd February last year, 2016 from Dobbin Lane between Holmesfield and Barlow.

He’s a Normal Grey Cockatiel with quite broad white wing tips, yellow head and red cheeks. His plume is grey and yellow mixed. The feathers on the top of his left wing look a bit ruffled from an altercation with a cat 8yrs ago, though he wasn’t injured. The feathers just didn’t seem to look the same from then.

He’s a chirpy chap and whistles a tune over and over.

He was last spotted in gardens in Dronfield Woodhouse last Summer, but no sightings since then. If someone has taken him in they will be compensated for expenses of cage and toys. There is a reward for his safe return. If you have any information at all, please get in touch.

Lost Cockatiel Barlow


Lost cockateil