ducks 1 - 1New homes found, thank you.  We have six of them and they are beautiful.  All adults and well grown, they are tame and come to be hand fed.   They get on well with each other except for one of the white ones who is the ‘underdog’ and seems to be getting bullied, so we’ll keep him separate for a while.

It may be something to do with the time of year – it’s nearing Spring and mating time, ducks quarrel about their mates just like most species.

They’ve been brought in because their owner was no longer allowed to keep them so we’re looking for permanent homes for them with plenty of room.  They need a large pen, garden or paddock and the main thing is that it must be very well fenced.  Foxes are notorious for digging under wire!

These ducks cannot fly so need to be keep safe and away from predators, the fence needs to be high enough so that dogs can’t jump in.   They need lots of water, fresh daily – a running stream or pond is heaven for them.

Ducks keep your land free from slugs and they eat a surprising amount of grass, it if isn’t a grassy paddock then you have to supply greens for them.

This group come to be hand fed and are tame and friendly, they make rewarding and interesting pets.   They are available for adoption in pairs or as a group if you have facilities and space for them.   Please get in touch if you’d like to come and meet them.

We’re open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm – a call to let us know you’re calling is appreciated.  Please press bell on Reception (blue cabin on right in top yard) when you arrive.   There’s plenty of space to park.   Check out our contact page for address and sat nav.

ducks 2 - 1