Scruffy and Sally have been together all their lives so we are looking for a home where they can stay together.   These two perfect pals are middle aged, both girls and very sedate.   They have perfect manners and are easy to care for and a pleasure to know.   Sadly their owner has been admitted to a home and so cannot care for them any more.    Sally is the smaller, tan coloured and smooth coated, Scruffy is a shaggy dog story and is going to have a shampoo and set in the near future.   Scruffy has had some damage to the skin on her back and has a bald patch which is a very old injury/condition.  It does not bother her except that she needs a coat in winter.

Sally and Scruffy are two of the most charming and delightful dogs you could know and will be faithful and loving companions for their new people.   Could you give these two lovely ladies a new home?   Please get in touch and come and meet them.