It’s been busy – strays coming in at all times.   Puzzling too, don’t people notice that their dog is missing?    We haven’t had many calls telling us a dog has gone walkabout.   One little chap came in with stitches, a recent operation obviously.  He’s very thin too.   Someone surely must be looking for him?    Two strays at least have come in well wrapped up with thick coats and wearing nice collars.   Nobody has claimed them.

If you have lost a dog please get in touch.   Reuniting pets with their owners is our main aim.  Sadly, even when microchipped, when we get in touch the response is – no, I’ve never had a dog/no, I sold the dog two years ago/ no, I’ve only just moved in/ etc. etc.

If you find a stray dog in the Chesterfield area you can bring him or her in to us.   Please ring first – 077894 88062 – this is essential, especially out of hours.

If you’ve lost your dog please let us know, hopefully he’ll be here and you’ll soon be re-united.