Cat & kittens without a home

kittens - four 1

A cat with four tiny kittens has been rescued by the kindness of a cat loving lady, who has caught them and brought them in to us and safety.  This little family was living outside in a garden but without proper shelter, the mother is friendly and affectionate, no problem picking her up, but the kits were another matter.  Because they didn’t have handling in the crucial first weeks, they were scared and going wild.  It took bribery and patience to catch them.

The first to arrive was Mum with one tiny kit.  A day or two later another kitten was caught and brought in.  The final two came yesterday.   It was a difficult decision to take mum away and hope that the kits would be alright, but if she had stayed with them and kept on feeding them, it’s doubtful they would ever have been captured.  Hunger and missing their mum did the trick – they eventually came out  from their hiding place for food and were grabbed!

Mum is fine and purring away, the kittens are already becoming friendly and liking life with regular meals and a heated pad!  It was a rescue just in time.