cats - tortie one eye 3

Tortie is an elderly cat who has been with us for several months.  We took her in as an emergency when her owner had an accident. She’s a lady in her eighties, who fractured her hip and had to go into hospital.  Since then she has recovered but has has changed accommodation.  It’s sad but Tortie can’t go back home.   This lovely calico cat is a real favourite here though and has settled well.  She’s put weight on and is very loving and good natured.  Tortie is a well behaved cat who is clean and rewarding to care for, she is an excellent companion.   Although she is a teenager (we don’t know exactly how old she is) she is in good health for her age.  She only has one eye but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all and she gets around just fine.

It would be lovely if we could find someone to give her a gentle retirement home, alternatively if you would like to sponsor Tortie by making a donation that would be much appreciated.   You can come and meet Tortie during opening hours and she will give you a big fuss, especially if you bring her a pouch!

cats - tortie one eye 4Tortie has put weight on since this photo was taken