Border collie with problems

dogs - kimme

When Kimme first came in she was feeling very sorry for herself.  Her owner had become permanently incapacitated and had gone in hospital, there was no one to care for her.  When a person becomes ill it’s hard to continue to look after a pet and Kimme wasn’t in good shape.  She was nervous and her tail between her legs most of the time.

Kimme was very thin and had lost the hair on her back legs.  It wasn’t through an irritation or parasite problem, she just seemed weak and upset.   We’re trying to restore her in several ways, worming, de-flea-ing, good food, oily fish, gentle exercise and raising her spirits.   Thanks to our dog walkers Chris and his wife who have been giving Kimme a lot of attention, she is improving.  They’ve been taking her out to socialize (lunch in the park!) and giving her lots of fuss.  She’s having lots of t.l.c. from everyone here too.   It’s working but a slow process.

Kimme is gradually looking brighter, likes to play with her ball and is a very loving dog.  Getting her well again is a slow process though.   A vet check is next on the agenda and hopefully she will get a clean bill of  health.

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