Best friends rabbits for adoption

rabbits - dazzle

Daz and Dimity have gone to live at a Nottinghamshire hospital, they have a garden home and are part of the re-hab team for patients, doing a good job, thank you.   Dazzle is a handsome ‘Lion Head’ rabbit about three years old.  He’s a lovely fella, friendly and well behaved.  His best friend and partner in life is Dimity, who is much smaller, also a Lion Head.  Dazzle has been neutered so there is no chance of a rabbit population increase.   They love each other and we’re looking for a home for them together.

If you have good facilities for rabbits and you’d like to come and meet them please get in touch.  They need plenty of room with space for freedom and to jump, rabbits perhaps surprisingly, like to sit up high and watch the world go by.   Their accommodation has to be very safe, they are gentle creatures with many predators.

Rabbits need mostly natural food and lots of fresh hay every day.  This should form the bulk of their diet with fresh food also – dandelions, grass and brambles which they love.  A small portion of grain is good for them but not too much.  Dazzle and Dimity like a piece of Ryvita as a treat!

You are welcome to come and meet this well marked duo – we’re open between 11 and 3 every day.

rabbits - dimity