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A family whose boxer recently passed away have given Missy a new home, trips to the seaside, camper van jaunts, she’s loving it, thanks folks.   Missy is a beautiful pedigree boxer who was left all alone when her owner passed away.  She’s a beautiful dog with a temperament to match, she is gentle, affectionate and well behaved.

Missy is around 3 years old, she is fully vaccinated and has a sleek and glossy coat in a rich red colour.  She walks nicely on the lead and hasn’t put a paw wrong with us.  Missy loves to go out for trips in the car and sits nicely and doesn’t make any fuss.  She could perhaps do with a little more weight but she will soon put that on again when she gets over her loss.

She’s medium sized, not big for a boxer though.  Missy is a striking dog and will attract attention wherever she goes because of her good looks!  If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

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