Benson needs a home

Benson is bright and alert and a most charming individual.   Alright, so he may be a bit middle aged but that means he’s well behaved and learned all his manners many dog years ago.   He’s a small medium sized chap with a nice brindle coat and grey markings on his face.   He looks to be five or six years old and has been fit and well here with us since he came in as a stray.

Sit Benson!   Give us a paw!   Good boy.   Somebody has trained him well.   So why haven’t they claimed him?   We’ll never know.   Benson is well marked with a nice bib and four pristine white socks.   How does he keep them so clean?    He’s been a good boy since he came in to us and is friendly with people.   There is a bit of a puzzled look in his eyes though – what am I doing here?   Poor lad.   We need to find him a good loving home as soon as possible so that he can settle down again.

Benson is in good condition and enjoys his walks, enjoys his food although he isn’t greedy and is just well covered enough.   He’ll make a wonderful ‘forever’ friend easy going companion for some lucky person.   Please come and meet him if you are looking to adopt.