Animal Sanctuary Picture Roundup

We’ve had another busy week with pregnant cats, kittens, ducks, rabbits and lots of wildlife rescues.

Enjoy the pictures from around the animal sanctuary.

Our group of seven mandarin ducks are settling down and becoming a little tamer.

Duck Gang

Kittens are growing up fast in Kitty City. We have some lovely little rascals available for adoption now, so give us a call if you would like to arrange to meet them – cat pouches are always very well received!

Peace at last. The rocking chair is a favourite spot for an afternoon kitten nap.

Have you ever seen a pig smile? Polly says the secret to lasting beauty is a daily mud pack.

Thanks to the Pet Samaritan who donated this lovely Buddha statue. It’s just what our garden needed. We are always on the lookout for wind chimes, garden seats, plants and ornaments for the Sanctuary gardens.

Finally we’ll leave you with Mr Big keeping it large in the cat cabin and his favourite Garfield quote – “I’m not over-weight, I’m under-tall..”