A little dog with a big personality

Jackson now has a new home – thank you.  Jackson looks like a typical border collie, black and white, well marked with a tail that’s always wagging and an alert and intelligent face.   The only thing that’s different about him is his size.   If he’s a border collie then he’s a miniature!   Jackson is only just above a Jack Russell in size, perhaps that is what he is crossed with.   Whatever the mix, he is a little treasure, full of charm and personality.   He’s polite, well behaved and friendly and hasn’t put a paw wrong since he came in to us as a stray.   We thought that such a lovely little dog would surely be claimed but no one has even enquired about him.

Maybe someone out there is breeding miniature border collies?   Who knows, stranger things have happened in dog world.   If they were all like Jackson they would be sure to be popular.

We think that Jackson is around 3 to 4 years old.  He’s clean and quite dainty, loves fuss and affection and walks nicely on the lead.   If you could give this little chap a good home please get in touch and come and meet him.