WINSTON the Tawny Owl Doing Well

Winston came in to our Wildlife Rescue at our Christmas Fayre with an injured leg. He was unable to balance and fly properly and very underweight as he’d not been able to hunt for food. We’ve helped at lot of owls over the years. Some have had horrific injuries and we’ve not been able to save them which is sad. The good news is, Winston is doing ever so well. We’re are pleased with hiss progress so far and hope to be able to release him back into the wild soon.

We are the only Wildlife Rescue open seven days a week in Derbyshire dedicated to helping wildlife. We’ve seen demand for our services increase dramatically with local vets and Wildlife Trusts now referring cases to us. As you can imagine our facilities are stretched as a result and so we are fundraising this year to build new larger unit to allow us to cope with the demand. We estimate the project will cost £5000 for constructing a new wildlife hospital and recovery unit with a free flight aviary. If you would like to help fund raise for this project, we have home collection boxes available at the Sanctuary (if you can’t get down to see us we’d be happy to pop one in the post) and are always happy to help you with your fundraising ideas.