Congratulations to Maisie on your Brownies Badge

The other day we received a lovely letter from Maisie who has completed her Brownies charities badge by raising funds for the animal sanctuary.

Thanks for the lovely letter

Over the years she has supported us with fund raising events and visits to help at the animal sanctuary. It really has been amazing, so a big thank you from all of us. It’s always nice to hear we are doing a good job, so thanks Maisie for taking the time to write us this lovely letter. It really brightened our day and warmed our hearts to know that there are Pet Samaritans just like you helping animals.

Rest assured we’ll be doing our very best over Christmas to make sure they are all safe and cared for. We’ve recently had a poorly Owl admitted with an injured wing but he’s doing great and we hope he can be released back into the wild soon. Our hedgehogs are snuggling and enjoying all the extra food – we’ve had over 200 hogs through our doors this year. Some have been well enough to go back into the wild and others will still be with us until spring.

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Our upcoming events over christmas are:

DEC 21
Volunteers CHRISTMAS Gathering
Sat 11 AM

DEC 28
Meet The Animals!
Sat 11 AM

Vintage And Modern Jewellery Fayre
Sun 11 AM