We have swans on the pond at the sanctuary farm. It’s great to see them, they come every year. I’m a bit worried that the family they hatched last year haven’t come back with them but there’s still time. These two look fit and healthy, I am praying that they stay this way. There’s always been bird flu and some varieties have always been contagious to humans. I can’t help thinking the present panics are because of human greed. Keeping birds in terrible conditions to satisfy the western world’s desire to eat fast food is a disgrace. I can’t think any food that’s been transported half way round the world is any good anyway. But back to the swans, they are so elegant and calm. I love to watch them.

Swan sanctuary

There’s a great swan sanctuary in Dorset – near Portland Bill – and hundreds of swans – it was midsummer when I went, it must be even better in Spring when the cygnets have hatched. Our swans haven’t made a nest yet. (the pic above is from last year). There’s lots of cover for them in the edges Of course this depends on people leaving them alone. We like to think that we’re a mini swan and wild bird sanctuary – and a fish sanctuary – does that sound crazy? We don’t allow fishing on our pond – there are some senior citizen fish in there and I don’t like the idea of them jumping for fat grubs only to find they’ve got a hook in their mouth instead. Some do get caught by the birds – though it’s the little ones mostly.