Slinky gets ready for christmas and Perry makes a cup of tea

December is right around the corner and Slinky is already in the festive spirit. He’s a wonderful ferret and is very much enjoying life at the sanctuary. He loves going for daily walks with visitors and is so friendly with everybody. Thanks for the lovely christmas outfit that was brought in for him. He’s written his letter to Santa and is hoping to find a new home soon. We’ve had lots of wildlife brought in this year and have had great success nursing injured pigeons back to health. Seeing them go back into the wild makes it all worthwhile.

Pigeons back to health and released back into the wild

Happy pigeon flying free

It’s a wonderful site to see them flying again. Of course some of the birds brought in make their home at the sanctuary. Perry is one such chap. He came to us as a fledgling having lost his parents. We released him back into the wild but he decided he didn’t want to go and follows us around the sanctuary during the day and pops himself back in at night. He’s even learning how to make cups of tea! Blackbirds really are amazing creatures and so intelligent.

Perry the blackbird on a cup of tea

Our hedgehog friends are doing well and some of them have been released back into the wild as they have made good weight in time for hibernation. The rest will stay with us until spring to ensure the best chance at survival over the winter months. The demand for hedgehog hospital has been overwhelming this year, so if you would like to sponsor a hedgehog and help one of these extraordinary creatures or indeed anyone of the animals at the sanctuary, let us know. Winter is the most expensive time of year for us with heating and extra food bills, so any help is always appreciated.

We are open 10am till 3.30pm throughout the week – no appointment necessary if you are dropping off food and supplies (we always need kitten biscuits, kitten milk, cat pouches, dog food (chappie is good) blankets, towels, cat littler (Friendly Natural cat litter please as the cats prefer it), duck food, guinea pig food, wild bird food, bales of hay, straw etc)