Polly the Pig makes her own bed everyday

Pigs are funny creatures and Polly is no exception. She is ever so intelligent and so polite. We don’t have to make her bed, she does it all by herself. Just put in a bale of straw and in a few minutes she’s created a beautiful straw bed. It looks so comfy and warm, we’ve been tempted to try it out ourselves when she’s out and about.

Polly the pig

Polly has been at the Sanctuary for awhile now and she is available for adoption. She’s a brilliant gardener and eats up all the left overs. She’s spotlessly clean and not a bit of trouble. She loves a good brush and is so gentle even kids can fuss her. She would suit a smallholder with some scrub land and would tidy it up in no time at all. Pigs are amazing at turning plots of land into beautiful weed free soil.

Could you give her the love she deserves? Get in touch and we’ll introduce you.