Little Pigeon rescue

Dronfield vets reached out to us for help with this little pigeon. It had been noticed in a garden for over a week and didn’t seem able to fly so was taken to Dronfield Veterinary Clinic for a check up. She has no obvious injuries but is still not able to fly so we will keep her safe until she can.
We say ‘She’ but unlike most birds, pigeons are not distinguishable by their markings or colours. Unlike mammals, they have no visible reproductive organs.
As adults pigeons start to display mating behaviors or possibly lay an egg it gets easier to sex them but with young pigeons it’s just a educated guess, even to the most experienced eye.
The only way to be 100% sure is by DNA testing a feather sample. We are hoping with some rest and good food – maybe even some flying lessons, she will soon be released back into the wild.