This year we have had more unwanted pets brought in than ever before, elderly cats especially and lots of injured wildlife.

We never put any healthy pet to sleep and caring for all our ‘golden oldies’ has a high cost – food, heating and vet bills.

Many of our horses have health problems and keep going with special help from the blacksmith and equine dentist.

We aim to re-home dogs unless they are elderly when they can stay with us for the rest of their lives.

Our food bills are much higher in winter and heating costs are difficult for us to cope with.

Can you help us with even a small donation?  It would make all the difference to our survival and that of the animals we rescue.

Many thanks.

Paypal, p.o. or cheque made payable to Pet Samaritans.  Standing order form – please send your name and address and we’ll get one out to you – or download from our help pages.