You’ll be sure of a warm welcome when you come to visit the sanctuary – before we arrive to say ‘hello’, some of the cats on duty will sprint out to greet you.   Here is Lawson, who has now become a permanent sanctuary resident, giving one of our Pet Samaritan friends a big style welcome.     Lawson was abandoned here as a kitten, we left the shop unattended for a few minutes and when we returned there was this sweet little fluffy kitten on the counter.   Although he’s still as good looking and affectionate, Lawson is no longer dainty and has turned into a big bruiser who eats for England.   At just over a year old, he still seems to be growing, just look at those paws!

Aren’t cats good at balancing?   The gates are favourite places for them to do their ‘high-wire’ acts.    Our cats are also brilliant at the ‘hello and how are you’ – if only we could train them to take messages!    Please bear with us if we don’t arrive immediately – there is a bell on Reception which rings in the kennels.  Of course we might be up the fields with the dogs, in the grooming parlour arms deep in shampoo and bubbles, bandaging a poorly paw or feeding the goats etc. etc.     If you can’t get through on the ‘phone, please try emailing –   It is aggravating when you hear the ‘answer is full’ message but there’s not much we can do about it at present.   The volume of calls is high and the message service is full every day, usually before lunchtime.    We’ll try to get back to you if we can but a full time receptionist is the only answer.   Unfortunately we have no funding available for this, we are all volunteers and the animals have priority.   One day perhaps…..