The Adventures of Perry The Blackbird

Perry came into the animal sanctuary as a very young fledgling. He was ever so tiny and we didn’t know if he would pull through. After round the clock care and a few sleepless nights, he slowly improved and adapted well to his new human parents Jo and Kate. He’s turned into quite the character and loves to throw a strop at the pigeons.

We’ve released him back into the wild but he still hangs around the sanctuary and follows us on the morning rounds taking great interest in the new arrivals. At night he pops himself back into the sanctuary wildlife house. If you are visiting and spot him doing the rounds, don’t forget to say hello.

Perry the blackbird rescue


Wildlife rescue is very important to us at the Pet Samaritans. We are one of the main wildlife care centers for hedgehogs, wild birds, pigeons, ducks and the unusual in Derbyshire. If you do find any wildlife in distress or need of help, do give us a call. We’ll do our best to help.

Running our wildlife facilities and being able to offer help requires lots of funding. We receive no state funding and rely entirely on the generosity of folks just like you to keep going. It’s a struggle at times but we keep going so we can continue to help the animals in need. If you can make a regular small donation each month, we can continue our important work.

Download our standing order form here – just a few pounds can help with our veterinary and heating bills  over winter for our hedgehog hospital and allow us to care for more birds just like Perry that are brought into the sanctuary on a daily basis.

Injured pigeon at the sanctuary