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Wildlife rescue with the Wildlife Angels

Please call our helpline on 07872 421878 for advice and to check we have available space before bringing any wildlife to us.

For frequently asked questions on what to do to help injured birds, hedgehogs etc, please visit our Wildlife Help pages – it may save a call. If you need to get in touch, please call on 07872 421878. Our line is always very busy but you can send us a message if the line is engaged and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note we are not able to offer advice through messaging services.

Help wildlife with the Wildlife Angels

Caring for British wildlife at our wildlife rescue centre in Derbyshire is a big part of Sanctuary life. Our wildlife angels program provides vital care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife with the aim of rehabilitating and returning each animal back into the wild. Every day we take in wildlife that needs our assistance. Last year we treated and helped over 2000 animals before releasing them back into the wild. Our Hedgehog hospital runs all year round to help and support our spikey friends. Hedgehog numbers continue to decline across Britain, so we do everything we can to help them. Our wildlife centre opens all year round, 7 days a week to provide assistance when needed. As you can imagine, it requires a lot of resources and support to be able to do this.

We URGENTY need Wildlife Angels to support our centre. So many vets, wildlife trusts and people rely on us. Wildlife admissions are at an all time high and our success means we need more angels to support our work. Please join us if you can.

British hedgehog rescued by Wildlife Angels
James Pond – brought to us when found floating in a pond. Just one of many hedgehogs we help everyday at our wildlife rescue center in Derbyshire

That’s why we need your help…

  • By joining you will be directly helping wildlife through our wildlife hospital and rescue centre in Derbyshire. Our wildlife angels program is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of British wildlife with the aim of releasing back into the wild when ready.
  • As a Wildlife Angel, we’ll send you our wildlife enamel badge to wear or display – a different one to collect each year.
  • You’ll also receive our Welcome Pack with membership card and a Wildlife Angels certificate.
Wildlife Angels Enamel Pins

Become a Wildlife Angel today

If you are looking for help with injured wildlife in your area, please visit the Help Wildlife Directory to find your local rescue centre.