Wildlife Watch and Hospital Update February

Our resident ducks and birds are still in lockdown due to a national bird flu crisis and are getting a bit fed up. We’re desperate to be able to let them out for a wander. However, the virus doesn’t seem to be letting up.
We heard the devastating news of another sanctuary being forced by law to have all their birds culled recently after the virus was found in some of their resident poultry. The thought of having to euthanise JJ the Senegal, the Cayuga ducks, Steven seagull and all the other wonderful characters at the Pet Samaritans doesn’t bare thinking about.

Our wildlife hospital is still up and running but we have a strict protocol to follow before being able to take any birds in.
If you find a sick or injured bird please give us a call or contact your local vet.

We started the Wildlife Angels Hospital project about two years ago. Covid, lack of fundraising opportunities and a few other setbacks has meant the project has taking much longer than we’d hoped. However, we’re slowly but surely getting to the finish line and it’s looking amazing. We’re so excited. Thank you to everyone that has supported the project so far.