Watch out for ticks

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Dogs can pick up ticks after walks in long grass or through woodlands.  They look like grey blobs, quite small (pin head to start with) and then bigger as the tick sucks blood and swells.

If left they can cause Lyme Disease which will make your dog very ill.  Get rid of the tick with a Tick Twister which is a small gadget that gets them out completely.  It’s easy to use – we have them in stock and they should be part of every canine first aid kit.

Ask your vet for advice on which flea treatment to use – Frontline stops dogs from being bitten by ticks but only lasts a month.   Vet advice is best.

Take care to dispose of ticks carefully, they are difficult to kill.  Watch out for getting bitten yourself, you need to seek medical advice if you do get a tick bite.

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